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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Projects

Hultgren – Tillis Engineers has been privileged to provide geotechnical engineering services to several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Districts in the last five years. Hultgren – Tillis Engineers is part of two joint ventures with USACE contracts. Genterra/Hultgren-Tillis/Taber, a joint venture of Genterra Consultants, Hultgren – Tillis Engineers and Taber Consultants, has a contract with the Sacramento District. Midwest Levee Inspectors, a joint venture of Intuition and Logic (a Saint Louis engineering firm) and Hultgren – Tillis Engineers, has a contract with the St. Louis District. In addition, Hultgren – Tillis Engineers are sub-consultants to other civil engineering firms with USACE contracts.


Current and recent task orders for several USACE Districts include:

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Sacramento District - Hultgren – Tillis Engineers worked on two projects under the Genterra/Hultgren-Tillis/Taber contract. One was periodic inspections of project levees protecting the City and County of Sacramento (except the Natomas area which was done by a joint venture partner) from flooding on the Sacramento and American Rivers (4 task orders). The other project was for the USACE's Mid-Valley Project, which consisted of designing levee improvements along the left bank of Knights Landing Ridge Cut in Yolo County.

San Francisco District - Hultgren – Tillis Engineers, as a sub-consultant to Atkins North America, developed the geologic and geotechnical conditions for restoration opportunities for approximately 1,200 acres of bay lands in the lower Novato Creek watershed. This was in support of the San Pablo Bay Watershed Restoration Program in Marin County. As a sub-consultant to Moffatt & Nichol for the Sacramento River deepening project, Hultgren – Tillis Engineers reviewed geotechnical design parameters used in the USACE's stability and seepage analyses, specifically checking berm foundation conditions and reasonableness of analysis results.

Los Angeles District - Working through its Midwest Levee Inspectors joint venture, Hultgren – Tillis Engineers is performing Initial Eligibility Inspections and inspection reports for 73 flood control works, primarily flood retention basins and channels located in San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.


Omaha District - Hultgren – Tillis Engineers worked on three task orders for the Omaha District as part of the Midwest Levee Inspectors joint venture. Two were for periodic inspections of flood control works, primarily levees and channels in Iowa, Montana, and South Dakota. The third task order was for the Cottonwood Springs Dam Conduit in Hot Springs, South Dakota. This project included evaluating settlement damage to the operating pool outlet conduit and identifying possible rehabilitation methods to restore reliability of the conduit during a flood event.


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