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Our Expertise

Hultgren – Tillis Engineers provides geotechnical engineering services for water resource, flood control, and marine and industrial structures.  More than half of Hultgren - Tillis' professional effort in the last five years has been on flood protection, marsh restoration, and aquatic habitat projects.  Hultgren - Tillis Engineers has undertaken evaluations for hundreds of miles of flood control levees.


​We strive to offer the best services and recommendations possible to suit both the the needs and the concerns of our clients.

Services Offered Includes:

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Seismicity and Seismic Engineering

  • Engineering Geology

  • Construction Engineering Support

  • Borrow Site Investigations

  • Dam Safety

  • Levee Embankments

  • Floodwalls and Channels

  • Dewatering Systems

  • Spillways

  • Canals, and/or Related Structures

  • Marsh Restoration

  • Seepage and Stability Berms

  • Impermeable Blankets

  • Cutoff Walls

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