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Industrial Projects

Hultgren – Tillis Engineers has policies and procedures in place to meet the requirements for its on-going work at refineries and chemical plants. This includes a drug-free workplace, industrial site safety training, and TWIC badges. Hultgren – Tillis Engineers maintains a superior safety record.


Hultgren – Tillis Engineers’ personnel have provided geotechnical engineering for process structures, new and rehabilitated tanks, horizontal and vertical vessels, pipelines and pipe racks, pump stations, vaults, cooling towers, and other components of industrial plants. They provide geotechnical engineering support for clean-up and remediation of groundwater and tidal sediments. Hultgren – Tillis Engineers has provided geotechnical services at all five of the Bay Area’s petroleum refining facilities.

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Industrial Projects

Representative Refinery Projects:

  • Reactor Head Removal

  • Crude Oil Pipelines

  • Oxygen Enrichment

  • Lime Sludge Handling

  • Exchangers

  • Flare Gas Recovery

  • Biotreaters

  • Office Buildings

  • Stacks

  • Machine Shop

  • Waste Handling Ramp

  • Spent Acid Tank

  • Pipeway Upgrade

  • Crude Oil Tanks

  • Effluent Tanks

  • Pipe Bridges

Representative Chemical Plant Projects:

  • EO Ventilators

  • Maintenance Buildings

  • Bridges

  • Oxidizers

  • Storage Tanks

  • Ammonia Plant

  • Electrical Infrastructure

  • High Voltage Power Line Towers

  • Locomotive Inspection Pit

  • Auxiliary Boiler

  • Loading Rack

  • Power Plant Retro-Fit

  • Cooling Tower

  • Furnace

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