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Commerical Projects

Hultgren – Tillis Engineers provides geotechnical engineering service for a wide range of commercial projects.

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Six Flags Marine World (Vallejo, CA) - Hultgren – Tillis Engineers has undertaken projects at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for over twenty years, including the major renovation in 1998 that added roller coasters and other rides to the park. They have investigated site conditions and provided design criteria for recessed and above-ground aquatic tanks for dolphins and other marine mammals. Construction for the tanks often included temporary shoring and permanent retaining walls. Many of the roller coasters are supported on drilled piers that resist large lateral forces. Due the nature of this industry, new projects are generally not authorized until fall or early winter and must be completed by the following spring reopening. Hultgren – Tillis Engineers has helped plan and implement plans for wet weather construction conditions during the winter months.

Fairfield Office Building (Fairfield, CA) - Hultgren – Tillis Engineers performed the geotechnical investigation and services during construction for the three-story building.  The project included solar panels in the parking area to produce electricity.

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Waterworld (Concord, CA) - Hultgren – Tillis engineers has completed geotechnical investigations for several Waterworld projects over the years. Notable rides include “The Tornado” in 2004, a ride that swirls riders 75 feet into the air, and “Break Point Plunge” in 2014, a slide starting at six-stories in height.


R & A Trucking Warehouse (Oakland, CA) - The project included demolition of an old three-story concrete building.  The new building will house electrical parts for the automotive industry.

20180606 89601 RA Truck 06.JPG
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